Delete a Resource

You can delete any resource you've added to the resource directory. 

  1. When you're logged in every resource you've added to the directory will have an "Edit" button at the top right just below your contact information. The easiest way to edit a resources is to simply find it in the directory, click on the resource and click the "Edit" button. 
  2. If you're having trouble finding your resource in the directory can see a list of the resources you've added by clicking "My Account" on the main menu at the top right of any page. Once on your account page click "Resource Directory" on the Account Options menu. Then click "Edit My Resources" and select the resource type. 
  3. You'll see all the resources you've added for that category. Look for the resource you want to update and click "Edit."
  4. Fill out the information on the resource and click "Submit Listing" at the bottom of the page.

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