Add a Job to the Job Board

Providers and Organizations with a account can add their job to our Mental Health Job Board. You'll need to sign up as a Provider or Organization first. Once you've been verified and are logged into you can add a job. 

How to Post a Job

A) Click "My Account" at the top right of any page if you're on a computer. If you're on a mobile device first click the main menu (i.e. the three lines at the top right) then click "My Account."

B) On the next page you'll see a menu called "Account Options." If you're on mobile you'll need to click the menu to see the dropdown. Click "Job Board" then click "Post a Job." 

C) Fill out the job details on the form. When you click "Preview" you'll be brought to a page that lets you review the job details before paying and submitting the job.

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