Searching for mental health resources

At Thero our goal is to make it easy to find mental health services. Our simple search tool can connect you to a wealth of resources. You can find therapists, clinics, hospitals, treatment centers, crisis lines, and advocacy anorganizations related to mental health. 

How to search

Choose the options that are most appropriate for your needs.

When you are ready to search, click the magnifying class icon 

or press Enter.

Search Options:


First, visit the the homepage and click on the first drop down menu that shows the types of Resources available. This field is set to "Therapists" but you can choose from any of the following options: 

Therapists, Clinics, Hospitals, Centers, Crisis Lines, Advocacy Organizations, or Events. Choose the option that is most appropriate for your needs. NAME OR KEYWORD

To help narrow your search, enter in keywords that are most applicable i.e. Bi-polar disorder, autism, shame. 


If you are searching for assistance in a particular geographical area, enter that information into 'City, State, Zip' field.


Use near me to narrow options by how close they are to your location. Select the "Near Me" option by clicking on the small compass symbol next to the "City, State, Zip" field. Then click the "Near Me" Checkbox and set the distance in miles. 


In order to provide the best possible support, Thero offers a multitude of options to assist you with your search. Click the 'MORE' button to narrow your search even further.

By clicking through the various drop down menus, you can find the best support for your individual needs.

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When you change the "Types of Resources" the list of options in the "Popular Categories" changes. You can click on any of these to do a quick search. 


The map below the search is a powerful way to explore the 22,000+ resources in our Directory. You can click on any of the circles on the map to zoom in closer to that area. By default the map is set to list clinics, but you can choose different types of Resources by clicking on the options at the bottom of the map.