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  1. Select 'For Providers' and then 'Sign Up' from the menu bar at the top right of any Thero page.  
  2. Fill in all required fields and select your 'Member Type'* from the drop-down. We have 3 types of members: 
    • Licensed Treatment Providers (Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists) 
    • Clinics, Hospitals & Treatment Centers
    • Advocacy or Support Organizations (Peer support, Crisis lines)

      *your selection here will reveal new fields to fill in specific to your member type 

Sign up form

3.  We use your website, phone number, verification email, and/or license number as cross-reference points so that we can verify your identity. Though these are not required fields, your membership status may be revoked if we cannot confirm your identity or credentials.

4.  Once all sections are filled in, click the 'Complete Sign Up' button to save your information.

5.  After completing the sign-up form, it will redirect you to a page letting you know you need to activate your account by clicking a link in an automated email that was just sent to the email address you provided. The email will be from "" Check all of your email folders (like spam, updates, etc.) as the auto-response may have been sent to one of those instead of your inbox. 

6.  Once found, click the link provided. It will send you directly to a page that looks like this:

Log in

7.  Click the blue ' log in' words and it will take you to the login page where you can now use the new username and password you just set up to access your profile!

Once logged in, you will see a menu like this under a placeholder for your profile photo and cover photo. You will notice that Profile is highlighted already since that is the default page after logging in. Beneath the main menu is the profile submenu which we break down below:

Profile menu


Click here to... view your profile! :)


Select 'Edit' in the submenu to make changes to your profile details. Click the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom once you've finished making your changes.


You have the option to either upload a photo you already have or take a new one.

Select 'Change Profile Photo' from the submenu. You are then given the choice to either upload a photo by dragging and dropping a file in the box or clicking the 'Select Your File' button in the same area. 

Another option is to take a picture from your device. When you click on this tab, it will prompt you to allow to use your camera. Select 'Allow' to turn the camera on. You will see a preview of your image in the large box to the left. Click the 'Capture' button to the right to take the photo. A preview of the photo will appear in the smaller square to the right. Once you are satisfied with a photo, click 'save'.

Take a profile photo


To change your cover image, select 'Change Cover Image' from the submenu and upload a photo by either dragging and dropping the file into the box or clicking the 'Select Your File' button in the same area.

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